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Hey everyone!

So – the concert was amaaaazing! I cannot tell you what a rush it was! At first I was nervous about the “Nostalgia” theme as I am always about combing the new with the old. BUT, this was just an unapologetic romp down memory lane for those fans who truly wanted to be transported and it was a blast!

The funniest thing was, the audience members were dressed 80’s and the performers were dressed in current costumes!

The idea came up for me to acompany Tiffany on piano on “Couldve Been” and I loooved it. I felt like part of the band, and also part stage mother wanting her to do a great job, part fan cuz she has an amaaazing voice, and part “fellow performer” knowing the exact intensity she was feeling moment to moment. An interesting new experience! I haven’t checked youtube yet but, I’m guessing….. !!!!! Glad our first real public appearance on a stage together wasn’t for some cheesy reality show, but at such an amazing event!

Samantha Fox was so adorable! And, she still has that amazing body and sings exactly like her records! We all know that many acts who did club music at that time lip-synced. Not Sam! She belted it out even in rehearals!

Rick Astley – whatta class act! He still has that warm soulful voice and he is a pro! My niece was like “OMG! I looove Rick Astley!”. Huh?!? She’s 16! See? The 80’s have come back around. Full circle!

I met fans after the show who were so nice and respectful and cool! Anyone who got confused by the meet n greet, my apologies! I was confused too because it wasn’t my show, we were dealing with language barriers, etc. But, most everyone made it back there to say hello! So nice to see you all!

It’s funny……playing Harrah’s last year was amaaazing. But, in a smaller venue where people are seated and there are all age groups, I had to work hard to win over the crowd and the energy built. When performing in an arena there is a built in energy that harkens back to the old days where the audience is already in a heightened state and wanting to be in a frenzied state and all I hafta do is take them there! That was what this night was like! I even got to do my crazy pause before “… your eyes”. Not planned but, the moment was calling for it! It’s like sharing a private joke with 10,000 of your closest friends!

And, I had a chorus of “Foolish Beat” translated by my driver Franco into French. It was an attempt at least! What a gorgeous language…..I’d love to learn it.

And – Quebec City itself? WOW! Right out a of a storybook! And the food? I’m glad I love cheese!

Overall, I felt such a sense of empowerment and a connection to the audience as if no time had passed. The band was so smokin’ it brought a renewed energy to the old hits! I never feel more at home than when I’m onstage, and – the crazier it is out in the crowd, the more centered and calm I get. Isn’t that funny? I felt so at home and there’s talks of this show touring or Rick and I doing something together. We will keep you posted!

I’m recovering now and gearing up for the big benefit in LA on April 28th! But, wow – what a way to step into Spring of 2009! Doing this concert was like food for my soul : ). Thanx to Jaques the promoter, Maurice the misical director, my man for keeping me sane throughout the week (it was a crazy week!), Momager Di for flying in 2 support, and all the fans who came out in full retro regalia to relive their “Electric Youth”!

Merci !

X Deborah

PS – Behind the scenes pix to come….


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