Retro Pop Mag Reviews The Body Remembers

Debbie Gibson – The Body Remembers

Released: 20 August 2021

Retro Pop Magazine Gives Album 4 1/2 Stars

Debbie Gibson delivers pop perfection on her latest album ‘The Body Remembers’.

Arriving 20 years after the star’s last LP of original material, the singer hits every beat on this comeback collection of dancefloor anthems and lush ballads. 

Kicking off with single One Step Closer, the album positions itself front and centre of the disco revival, knocking out chart-friendly hooks for a sound that’s both current and classic. 

Of the 15 tracks, 14 are self penned – Runway is a co-write with producer Sean Thomas – which, in an era where self-penned pop anthems are a scarcity, is a testament to Gibson’s enduring creativity.

‘My life’s a runway / And I’m the star’ she sings on that self-referential number, a nod to her early years as a child star (Gibson was just 16 when she released her self-penned debut ‘Out of the Blue’, and 18 when she topped the US charts with follow-up ‘Electric Youth’). 

She brings a similar spirit to that seminal album on ‘The Body Remembers’, balancing all-out pop bangers (Love Don’t CareGirls Night OutWhat Are We Gonna Do) with more intricate, laid-back numbers (LegendaryRed Carpet ReadyMe Not Loving You). 

It’s a formula that allows the record to breathe and, amongst all the neon lights and glitter, offers a glimpse of Debbie Gibson today.

‘The Body Remembers’ is as close to a perfect pop record as we’ve heard in a long time – let’s just hope there’s not another two-decade wait for its follow-up.

‘The Body Remembers’ is available on CD and vinyl.


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