Blog: Single Nose seeks Mate

It was allergy season. And my nose, being particularly deviated, was blew. Ummm…. Blue! She wished she had a companion during this rather tough season! So she went across the bridge to Club Septum to see if there was anyone she world resonate with! She could smell a hot piece of cartilage from miles away!

She decided tonight to take her time. You see, she was always running! She powdered herself up…cuz no one would take a shine to her if she was, well, too shiny!

She was looking for a complimentary peer. For, she went left where others went right. She didn’t care if he was straight! As in, proper and homogenized! She herself was a little off kilter which made her develop other parts of her personalty! She could not rely on her looks alone! She had to have a strong nosebone to deal with the silly comments that came her way.

When all of her quirky friends turned 16, they all went away for a couple of weeks and returned bruised and battered. She could not imagine why. As time passed, and the bruises healed, they were barely recognizable. They looked like pictures in magazines. They started to resemble Reese Witherspoon, and other stars ….perfectly petite.

But she had other plans. She took a makeup class and realized that shaded one way she was quirky enough to get cast as the quirky looking star of “Funny Girl”. Shade it another way and she was the “beauty”, Belle, in “Beauty and the Beast”! Why would she want to be anyone else?

But back to the quest for her mate… There on the sanderling at Club Septum was a nose who was everything she wanted…and more! A substantial fella with flare! And, loved her not despite her differences, but because of them! They were both unapologetically twisted and both breathed a sigh of relief when they joined in wedded bliss and boogied down the aisle to “Nobody Nose The Trouble I’ve Seen”


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