Blog: Stay Tuned Tuesday

This week I wanted to do something a bit different. 

I wanted to introduce you all to an artist who, after her passing at the age of 33, has continued to play a part in my life. Some of you may already be familiar with this amazing music…and, for others, I hope I am introducing it to you for the first time. Sometimes music enters our lives at just the right moment! And, this music has nothing to do with trends. You won’t be able to tell if it was recorded yesterday or 30 years ago. 

Eva Cassidy made the kind of music that lives on in so many of my ipod playlists …I forget it’s there. It is classic and has become such a staple, I often take it for granted. I recently have realized how timeless it is and how much respect and gratitude I have for the body of work this songstress left behind. 

Someone on a theater tour introduced me to Eva’s music. It may have been someone on the Grease tour. I first heard her album SONGBIRD and I specifically remember hearing FIELDS OF GOLD and thinking “How could this sound familiar…? Surely this girl wrote this song?!?”

And, though it was a remake, Eva had a way of personalizing every word, note, nuance…..and her vocals would float on her breath. As a singer I have always been in awe of the range and effortless way in which she transitioned from color to color and from note to note..never hearing a break in her voice. Belting, head was all EVA’S VOICE ….so fluid. 

Her rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine” gets a LOT of play in my home. It is one of those other worldly performances that defies technique and logic. She is at once young and vulnerable, then she is a jazz singer of a time before she was born. She is one second pure and girlish, and then womanly and gritty far beyond her chronological age. 

My fave live performance of hers is of another amazing lady Cyndi Lauper’s song “Time After Time”. This performance is still and full and clear. When she hits the “YOU” high note in the second verse it is THAT tone which is distinctly Eva….so pure and effortless. 

Also check out her “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”….another unique interpretation of a classic.
I do hope you are now all turned on to this amazing collection of work…..I think you will find it so perfect filling your home and filling your hearts on all the right occasions : )
Thank you to this Songbird Angel for leaving such an amazing collection of music behind in your short time here on earth!

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