Blog: Stay Tuned Tuesday

Hey everyone!


Well….the tunes aren’t new and you may think you’ve heard Robbie Rosen as he appeared on American Idol – and was a finalist – but you’ve not heard him or these songs like THIS!!! His talent is mind blowing!!! Really!

The Gavin Degraw cover is smooth and relevant.  His voice wrapping itself around every complex riff!!

And in his New York State of Mind performance I can physically see Robbie’s deep connection to music as he encompasses this song.

But where he really wins my heart is with the rare Billy Joel gem “And So it Goes”.

Billy and Robbie and myself are all Long Islanders!!! Just an FYI. In fact Robbie is from my home town !!! And he generously helped out at my Gibson Girl Gala!

Back to the music …Robbie’s voice never faulters and has a richness beyond his years.


I have recently had the honor of hearing some of his originals and lemme tell ya…. As a writer? Tops! He could do either and have a huge career. But he does BOTH!!!


I wanted to turn you onto what a fab talent Robbie is…before the rest of the world finds out!!!


Stay Tuned….


Deb !!!

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