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Hey everyone!


OK…sooo, with my love of young talent (they seem to find me!) I must figure out some sort of way to help them on their path! This intro is step one here thru Stay Tuned Tuesday!

I worked with Julian’s sister Danny on Choices with Leilah Ali (she sang backup!) and at that time she told me of her 18 year old brother Julian and showed me the following performance footage :



I was SO blown away by this protege. I am not a guitar expert though I’ve worked with Carlos Alomar, Ira Siegel, and I’ve heard enough Eddie Van Halen and Vince Gill to know a little something!!!! And this kid has got IT!!! I’m convinced that this generation was born with a higher knowing of some sort. If I was playing piano by ear at 5 and writing songs about Kindergarten, kids today are channelling Mozart! I have a nephew who was multiplying 3 digit numbers at age 5. And Julian is more proof that years on earth do not necessarily coincide with skill level… And most importantly FEEL. Julian FEELS the music and instinctually knows what to play!


This song Beatdown Town is avail on iTunes Nov 28th but check it out here on YouTube to see if you like it!



Alamo Creek was only formed in August and this first outting shows major promise. It reminds me of my friend Jaron (and the long road to love) in it’s simplicity. It has a southern rock feel and can easily cross over to pop.
I love the ease and innocence in the performance. The lead singer isn’t trying too hard which is rare. As we artists get further along that actually becomes harder!!! Not pushing is an art form!


The whole band plays effortlessly and the arrangement is simple and tight. These guys could easily support Rascal Flatts on tour and should look to producers like Richard Marx to help them hone their country pop sound!
I look forward to more to come from this talented new band and Julian – I may hafta have you come rock up that Out of the Blue guitar solo in one of my live shows!


Keep rockin guys!


And keep us posted!


And… Stay Tuned 🙂


X Deb


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