Blog: Stay Tuned Tuesday!

Hey Music Lovers !

A first for Stay Tuned Tuesday…. I bring you a CHICK who can ROCK!!!

If you have not met LaZae yet, you are in for a rare treat! A self-contained artist who does not rely on hit makers and bells and whistles, this gal has got the GOODS! Not only is she an amazingly soulful and expressive singer, but she is an accomplished producer, songwriter, and engineer. I connect and relate to LaZae in that she too was locked away in her room as a teen self-producing her demos! Finally the world gets to hear her work now!!!

She also paid her dues engineering at major studios such as The Palms in house facility and got to absorb many styles and learn from the best.

The title track of her EP Self Help is something we can all relate to… hold the Marianne Williams please! We can take care of ourselves. I love the muted guitar moment in the middle and could hear more moments like this in future recordings simply because it gives pause to the powerhouse vocals and a moment to digest and take a breath. This song could easily be a movie montage in a gritty indie film. Palatable rock for angst ridden girls of all ages who need a new voice!

I love verse two especially in “The Antagonist” where the voice becomes a syncopated instrument and it is here where I feel LaZae taps into the relevance of a Gwen Stefani. I also love “Smokin’ Gun” for the space in the production which allows us to hear the clarity of the vocal. It did not surprise me when I read that LaZae was influenced by musical theater as she is a true technician and is able to rock, but I would know as a fan and as a big machine label (meaning a big machine can rely on her) that she would have the chops and stamina to keep the pace demanded of current international artists.

My fave fave FAVE song is “Girl, Interrupted”. It is here where I here the mainstream hit maker who can carry the Linda Perry torch and slowly lure mainstream fans like me into a darker rock world. I love the swing of the vocal, the pocket it sits in, and the melodic nature of this song.

This gal also takes requests of cover songs on her channel, which sounds like fun! I would love to hear “What if God Was One of Us”, maybe something by Vertical Horizon, and hey LaZae.. What about a little “Fallen Angel” off of my debut album stripped down and slowed down…..?!? Could be cool!

I look forward to seeing and hearing LaZae live sometime soon and hope you all enjoy this intro to a one of a kind artist on the verge of stardom!

Til next time… STAY TUNED!


Download “Self Help” EP on iTunes here:


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