Blog: Stay Tuned Tuesday

Hey Music Lovers !

I know it’s been a while took a while to stumble upon the likes of Brandon Vitale
Let me tell you how it happened!
I was performing in Florida at 80’s Fest, and though it was dark and there were thousands of people I could see a young guy in the crowd who seemed definitely on the young side and he seemed to know every word! His enthusiasm was palpable.
Well. afteer the show at the meet and greet up he walks with everything I have ever recorded. I learned then that he was only 15 and was busy making music of his own.
I LOVE this blend he’s got going of taking what works from the past and bringing it into the future.
“Show Me Girl” infuses elements of both Swedish House Mafia and a group called TKA who played many a club with in the late 80’s. Brandon pays homage to the Jackson 5 and yet still has the feeling of a bunch of guys hanging out in someone’s basement in 2013!
I love that Brandon doubles up his vocal in octaves as it counteracts the youthful tone he has on “Club Music” which shows that he clearly has brushed up on his Madonna and Pet Shop Boys!
My fave my actually be “Same Game” which rocks like “Cherry Bomb” and drives with a momentum that never lets up! I love the retro record scratch and fade too….. ! FUN !
I cannot wait to see how this young artist evolves. He has a great look, a whole lotta heart, humility, and…all my records! Kidding! But truly… I appreciated HIS appreciation and respect for what I do as someone who came before. Many young artists do not respect music history and I love that he does because the combination of flavors from all genres creates something DELICIOUS!
Rock on Brandon and keep us posted!
Please support Brandon by purchasing his songs on iTunes if you like what you hear!


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