Blog: Stay Tuned Tuesday!

Hey everyone!
Meet Alex Jay a 17 year old artist who was pro-active enough about his career to find ME on Twitter! This young man is off to an amazing start with over 66,000 hits on his youtube video for his song “With You Girl.”

I love the tone of his voice as it has qualities of everyone from Jason Derulo to Usher with a youthful flavor all it’s own. The thing that captured my heart most though was the neighborhood feel of the video… this is a real kid with real relatable dreams and he is making them come through! I also love that he is a guitarist as well. In fact, if I were to get in the studio with him I may do some acoustic/urban hybrid to feature his talents as a musician even more!
It seems he is surrounded by great producers and writers. The only comment I have is to maybe cut some lyrics….I lose some of the impact when things get too busy. Take a page out of Bruno Mars’ book and let that wonderful pure voice soar in places a bit more! The second featured song “I Won’t Break Your Heart” would fit right in on any urban or top 40 station with it’s upbeat grooves.


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