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Hi everyone……

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support for my dog Daisy today. Sadly, she passed this morning. Obviously I am extremely upset and saddened. It has been a really hard day.

I can say that the bright side is that she only had one night of suffering. Just a few days ago she was trotting around the recording studio and was the center of attention. 2 days ago my Mom said “how’s Daisy been?” And, I said “Man – she’s a trooper! Just happy to be out and about with me, tail wagging……you’d never know she has a heart problem”
She always got tons of love everywhere she went. People thought she was a puppy even thought she wouldve been 11 in September. Everyone spoke of what a sweet dog she was. I am so thankful I was in town and able to be with her. She knew I was there and went so peacefully. It was time – that was one hundred percent clear.

For those who wrote in from my camp – please know how much fun Daisy had with all of you this past year. Whether it was at my house or the recording studio, she was never without a lap to sit on or one of you to play with. Know that she truly is an angel now and she is with Rosie who passed last summer. Those two were quite a pair! Sibling rivals!

The best thing you can do for me, for Daisy, and for yourselves is to remember how much fun she was to have around! We are all lucky to have had so many great times with her! She relieved a lot of stress and kept everyone’s spirits up.

The love and loss of a pet is deep. It hits you when you least expect it. They are the epitome of loyalty and forgiveness. They never ask why you got home late, they’re only happy to see you. So, for anyone who has a pet – enjoy every moment and learn from their unconditional love.

I am sad tonight but, I am also celebrating Daisy’s life and I am so thankful that she somehow found me and that I had the honor of being her owner. People would say “she’s so good” and I’d say “I can’t say thank you for that cuz I have nothing to do with it. I just lucked out!”

She was truly my little buddy – in the car, my local coffee place, the studio……… I will miss hanging out with her. She was great company and a great friend! But, I have a feeling she’s hangin’ around as I write this as she was never more than two feet away from me! If I woke up to walk somewhere in the house she’d wake up from a sound sleep and follow me.

I’ve always joked that her goal in life was “to be a good dog”. She definitely accomplished that! I am so lucky to have had her in my life.

You cannot fully prepare, but I did know this was coming at some point soon after she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. It wasn’t a total shock and, again – she didn’t have a prolonged period of pain and fear and suffering that many animals and humans face. I am so thankful for that. Her quality of life was great til the very end.

Again – thank you all for your concern, sympathy, and love……

Say a prayer for Daisy tonight because a spirit cannot be born and cannot die. She’s everywhere now so tell her how much you love her!

Thank you everyone….. G’nite



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