The Doctors TV Interview

It’s amazing to be thriving after a really challenging decade that really tested me in unimaginable ways. 
And, I’m talking about it with my friend Dr. Sportelli on The Doctors !!! 🧑🏽‍⚕️📺

Lyme Disease, which was preceded by all the categories of stressors including family – a business “divorce” from my Mom, gut and adrenal issues, a 10 year relationship that had a beginning and an end, financial and career, anxiety and depression … you name it. 

But, I’m proof positive that you CAN bounce back and you can successfully manage symptoms and alleviate root causes by being thoughtful about your output and any elements you CAN control , which takes extreme diligence but is possible!!! As the song goes … 😉 

To all the Lyme Warriors out there … keep digging and searching for answers. Address trauma and diet and toxicity in your life. Find kindred spirits and docs – whether traditional, holistic, or energetic (or a combo) that understand the layers of your condition. And stop at nothing ! 

I love any chance to shine the light on chronic health issues and hidden illness and I hope this piece on The Doctors helps some of you out there to not feel so alone !!! 


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