Think With Your Heart

While we are counting down the moments until we can listen to Deborah’s latest song, Already Gone, we’ve just received even more exciting news! Deborah’s 1995 album, Think With Your Heart, is now available to download worldwide via various digital outlets (like Napster, Emusic, Rhaphsody and itunes). Be sure and leave a customer review to let everyone know about this lush treasure of Deb’s that many have been missing all these years.


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  • Ok, this is one of my favorite albums of hers. It was totally 100-percent Deborah Gibson at her best. She produced arranged and wrote (with the exception of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”) by herself. Truly her finest work.

  • Great Album… A gem of the AC music..

    My fav song is “Didn’t Have The Heart”… the video is like a Foolish Beat Video… With a Mature Deb.

    I love it..!

    I wanna “Already Gone”!!!!!

    I can’t Wait!


  • That’s Great new’s. I hope the add the rest.

  • I love Two Young Kids. It makes me cry. It reminds me of my grandparents. They were married 55 years.

  • I’ll never forget when I bought this album. I actually didn’t know it was even released. I went to a record store excited to buy the Circle Jerks album that has you singing back up on a song on, and to my surprise I saw this cd on the rack. Well, I quickly forgot about the Circle Jerks album and picked this up and couldn’t wait to get the CD home to listen to. Although I was expecting a very different sound from your next release (judging from the direction of your previous album, Body, Mind, Soul and your stint with the Circle Jerks), I quickly fell in love with TWYH and to this day I consider it your masterpiece.

  • Is “You Know Me” available to downlaod?

  • Classic album!!! “Didn’t Have The Heart”, “For Better Or Worse”, Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, and “Don’t Ya Want Me Now” are among my faves…

    Deb at her best, IMHO

  • Y pensar que lo tuve que importar desde USA!! Esto se agradece…this album is amazing!! ..the best by far….it´s to hear it with your heart.
    The sounds of the London Session Orchestra is simply powerful. This is the perfect combination: Deborah´s voice and this orchestra…you MUST get it!

  • Debaine Gibrey on

    This album was promoted by DEB and she come over in the philippines to promote this album. She was on the television for the interviews. I have this album i love all the songs but why it doesn’t hit on BILLBOARD. This album was so timeless tunes like Norah Jones previous album. I love “Think With Your Heart”

  • This one is a Deborah Gibson gem!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So glad to see this classic album available to the masses.

  • . I will always remember this album. I went to one of the album instore’s in Indianapolis,In. where it was held at Meijers in the food court/produce section of the store. It was the first time I met Deb. I had the Cd signed and my photo taken with Deb.

  • Let’s Run Away – one of my favorite songs ever, certainly my favorite album closer.

  • A classic album…..I actually listen to this one alot. So many great trax!! “You Don’t Have To See” and “Two Young Kids” are faves!

  • One Spooky Bugger on

    This is fantastic news. Think With Your Heart is easily my favourite of Deb’s albums.


  • M.Y.O.B. now available on itunes! « Deborah Gibson

  • I really hope that the video for “Didn’t Have The Heart” would be made available on iTunes for sale!

  • I remember you promoting this album on Breakfastime on FX. We were one of the guest families in the apartment in NY where the show was broadcast live. You sang a couple of songs…even though it was before 9am! My family and I will never forget you or the show…that was our 15 minutes! You admired our daughter’s artwork that she brought to the show. She was 13 at the time. Now she has 4 kids of her own! Thanks again and hope you remember doing the show with Tom and Laurie and Bob the puppet!

  • I love this album and Deb came to Malaysia in 1995 for the album promo.

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