Blog: Weight, Age, and Health!

Hey everyone!

I’m blogging again! Lol!

This time it’s on one particular topic. Weight, Age, and Health!

This topic has been on my mind as of late as I’ve been getting a lot of attention for being “in shape”. Which is cool! But NOT the be all, ahem – END all! Pun intended!

What bothers me is comparisons in this area. I read tabloids and one celebrity’s timeline as it relates to their physical appearance is compared to others. As if the number of years you are on the planet is relative to ANYTHING!

I love that Madonna dates younger men. And older men. And any men she pleases (oops! Pun NOT intended…but not deleting! LOL!). I get it!

Tina Turner rocks a leather mini skirt in her 70s.

I worked with Eartha Kitt who was kicking her leg over her head at 76! And….why not?!?

Agelessness is what I practice.

And a healthy lifestyle. But that means what’s healthy for ME!

It’s a lifelong process for everyone and I am finally finally finally (yes, 3 finallys!) becoming free of crazy food addiction issues! As many of you notice, my weight’s gone up and down. 10 lbs too high for my liking, then 10 too low…but all part of a process that has lead me to a very natural happy place. FOR ME!!!

I started this journey of peeling the onion skin so to speak, a few years ago doing my man – Dr. Rutledge’s BTL program.

This program really made me look at what I ate and why. It helped me differentiate between a craving and a nutritional need. It help me find other techniques for coping with emotional stress besides chocolate! Over the years I’ve taken two steps forward and one back. He’s watched with the utmost support and patience. Never judging my process or comparing it to someone else’s. I’ve had friends do the program too. It is not for the faint at heart! I wanted to take it on. And I’m so glad I did. But not to get press about my body. But for ME and the way I feel and how it informs the music I’m writing and how I carry myself and the energy I exude.
I keep saying this because, again, comparisons are NOT COOL! When people do this, they only create further issues for people who are trying to find their own path and peaceful place. We are all amazing different shapes and sizes. If someone can binge on Snickers and then swing it back to healthy eating, enjoy it, feel good….right on!

In fact, I had a psychotic snickers and potato chip fest a few weeks ago! Enough so that I went “Ok! I’m done with that and fine not touching crap for ages!” and I haven’t ! But, I will again when I choose too. Man cannot live on chicken breasts alone !

On a practical note, after my sugar and starch fest, I felt that sane panic many people do when they feel they’ve gone too far. I was probably 5-8 lbs above what feels good to me by this point as I’d been on a bit of an off path for a few weeks. I searched the Internet reading about Gwyneth Paltrow’s cleanse, etc. I then got still and quiet and proceeded to invent my own concoction of chicken soup broth, an egg yolk, and olive oil. I later had a greens juice. For dinner I had a plain turkey burger. I just needed to not tax my system with certain things. Within days I was feeling so much better and not frantic and healthy and happy about how I felt. Then the outer picture caught up to match. Not the other way around. And again, this worked for ME! Lotsa protein and soup and salad and veggies. For someone else it may be completely different.

But, back to my original point…

SO…do I love the feeling of being able to use my body and abs in particular to showcase certain dance moves onstage? To be light on my feet performing? Yes! Am I still my own worst critic with my voice when it is not free and clear? Yes! Does one negate the other? No! I’m not high on how I look so….don’t believe the hype! Though I do own and embrace the fact that I am working hard at being disciplined and it is paying off. Period.

If I can inspire you to find your own very unique balance of health, fitness, fun, freedom, and peace then THAT is a mission accomplished.

There is just way too much emphasis on both age and size these days. It’s just been bugging me! I forget how old I am until someone asks! Why must you bs out out to pasture in a boring Chanel suit once you hit a certain decade?!? Fun and whimsy is free! For everyone !

Numbers whether on a scale or a birth certificate are meaningless.

You are eternally ELECTRIC YOUTH!!!

In closing…. Rock Whatcha Got!!!

On that note….

See ya in the Midwest… And you better get ready to Shake Your Love Children of the 80’s!!!

X Deb


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