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As I sit here reading US mag, I thought it could be fun for the site to do the 25 Things you don’t know about me list for the site : ). Hope u like the idea, cuz – here it goes!

1) My fave sitcom growing up was Three’s Company! My parents let me stay up late on Tuesday nights to watch it!
2) I didn’t have my 1st cup of coffee til my late 20’s! And, my 1st glass of wine til age 38!
3) I bought myself only 3 nice pieces of jewelry in my whole life. It was with a paycheck from “Beauty and the Beast” on Broadway and it was a set – a ring, earrings, and bracelet!
4) If I wasn’t in entertainment, I’d be a food critic. Which would mean no more bikini shoots!
5) I think both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are doing a great job.
6) I am such a bad whistler that I had to have a “stunt whistler” in “The King and I” a year and a half ago during the song “Whistle a Happy Tune”.
7) I turned down doing Les Miz in the West End because I was exhausted after 5 yrs of non stop touring and recording and needed a break. I wish I could have done it. But, glad I opted for health!
8) I still correspond with my Grease cast mates from the UK. They are like family!
9) Lionel Richie once listened to a demo of my original songs on a flight!
10) I once had hair extensions for less than 12 hours. When I realized I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair, I had them taken out! It cost about 5 hours to put in and a thousand dollars!
11) I got all the way up to “Junior Lifeguard” level in swimming classes.
12) I submitted a card house that ran all around out family’s house to “That’s Incredible” when I was 10!
13) I sang at The Metropolitan Opera in La Boheme with Placido Domingo when I was 11. I snuck into his dressing room and he took a picture with me!
14) My Uncle through marriage is Vic Damone.
15) I am scared of the dark.
16) I have hotels remove the sweets from the Mini Bar before I arrive!
17) I used to bring home stray animals to our family house and then figure out what to do with them. My fave was a mutt named Gingersnap.
18) I wrote a letter on behalf of Lulu the lamb from the production I did of Gypsy to protect her from being kicked off a residential farm in Stony brook, NY after the run of the show!
19) My Grandfather Albert was a mechanic for the U.S. Post Office.
20) My biggest regret is having never played Annie. Tho my vocal chords beg to differ!
21) My favorite Annie was Sarah Jessica Parker and she and I both were in the children’s chorus at The Met at the same time.
22) I was up for Tracey Gold’s part on Growing Pains.
23) I feel like my Mom in the 70’s every time I put on my cream colored cashmere robe and I have no idea why. She didn’t have a cashmere robe!
24) I hate sitting still for manicures and have no patience for letting my nails dry and always mess them up the day I get them done.
25) I discovered email when I hemorrhaged a vocal chord and was forced not to talk for 10 days!

And, for good luck….

When I 1st heard Conway Twitty’s “The Rose” I thought it was the Karaoke version because he back phrases and doesn’t come in with the lyric right away! My man still laughs over that : )


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