Blog: A Journey Through the 80s

Hello Everyone!

As you have heard by now….YES! It is true!

I didn’t know any announcement was happening or you would have been first to know…

But, now that the cat is outta the bag I can say that I am super excited about this musical collaboration!

After doing the film and press tour with Tiffany, it seemed only natural and timely to venture out on tour together and join forces!

We have decided to pay tribute to ALL 80’s music by performing hits that influenced us from that decade, as well as performing our own hits, and debuting new music!

Tiffany’s album Rose Tattoo is out now and I will have new music come tour time to share with you all!

The exciting thing to me is how we share common ground but are now musically so different…therefore fans will enjoy a romp down memory lane as well as being treated to a variety of musical styles making for a diverse evening!

She and I have always had a “sisterhood” attitude about the whole “supposed rivalry” thing and I hope you will all come out and enjoy this first ever event of it’s kind!

OMG! I am SO excited!!!!

Can you say “Shake Your Love”/”I Think We’re Alone Now” Mashup anyone?!?


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