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Hello Everyone!

As you have heard by now….YES! It is true!

I didn’t know any announcement was happening or you would have been first to know…

But, now that the cat is outta the bag I can say that I am super excited about this musical collaboration!

After doing the film and press tour with Tiffany, it seemed only natural and timely to venture out on tour together and join forces!

We have decided to pay tribute to ALL 80’s music by performing hits that influenced us from that decade, as well as performing our own hits, and debuting new music!

Tiffany’s album Rose Tattoo is out now and I will have new music come tour time to share with you all!

The exciting thing to me is how we share common ground but are now musically so different…therefore fans will enjoy a romp down memory lane as well as being treated to a variety of musical styles making for a diverse evening!

She and I have always had a “sisterhood” attitude about the whole “supposed rivalry” thing and I hope you will all come out and enjoy this first ever event of it’s kind!

OMG! I am SO excited!!!!

Can you say “Shake Your Love”/”I Think We’re Alone Now” Mashup anyone?!?


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  • So sad I live in Holland any fans who wanna invite me and see this fab show together? xx Jeroen Hage on facebook, love you Debxxx

  • Yes Yes!! That’s really GOOD news!! Both Deb & Tiff Rocks!!! xoxo

    Jan K

  • Now only if you guys make it back CNY way. NY fans are always forgotten 🙁

  • Since I live in Brazil, could you post the dates as well as the tickets price as soon as you can…. I`d love to see you again… and maybe this is the chance!!!



  • Yayyy!! COME TO THE UK!

  • Kristin Schill on

    So thrilled about this. Deborah has been my idol since the beginning & I was a fan of Tiffany’s too. Haven’t seen Deborah in person since July 1999. So hoping they come to Cleveland.

  • I think you should come to Montreal, the city is jealous of Quebec City ever since the Nostalgie 80 concert !!

  • Please come to St. Louis! I wonder when was the last time you and Tiffany went there?

  • You girls have to do a show in ORLANDO, FL!!! Puleeeeeeze?

  • Hi Deb! You and Tiffany need to bring extend the tour to Asia especially Malaysia…fingers crossed! All the best, with love from Malaysia!

  • congrats to both!!!!!… i’m so excited for that amazing new!!!!…

    maybe u & tiff came to south america!!!..

    that will be incredible!..

    hugs and kisses for both

    Brian… from Chile.

  • Hey Debbie,
    Please come to Phoenix Arizona. Would love to see you!!!!

  • Booking agent – Boston pretty please!!!

  • I would love if you two ladies would come to the Greater Cincinnati Tri state area being Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio,

  • This is the best news since I heard Boy George and Culture Club were reuniting for a tour in 2012…Please, please, pretty please come to Northern California…we Love you Deb and Tiff….whoo hooo so exciting…

  • I vote for Ohio!!!! Cleveland, Akron, or Columbus would be perfect. 🙂

  • Are you coming to Australia?? I was not allowed to go to your concert in Singapore back in 1993 or something and never quite got over it. I still consider it one of the traumas of my teenage years! I’ve since moved to Melbourne, grown up and would like to heal my past. xx :p

  • The 80s tour is an interesting concept. Deb knows I’m *slightly* keen on her 😉 but for some reason Tiff never did anything for me… even know the careers of the two are eerily similar.

    I’m thinkiing ‘Back To The Future’ (1985 Movie with Michael.J.Fox). It’s interesting that the 80s is now viewed as ancient history, and in the movie, 2015 was supposed to be ‘the future’ (with flying cars and hover-boards etc). Unfortunately, ‘the future’ isn’t quite what was advertised.

  • O my gosh I really hope you come to salt lake city utah. I have loved you and your music since the 80’s But have never seen you in person. That would be so cool please come here.

  • Come back to Singapore! You were a big hit here last year (like 25,000 people!) and with Tiffany it would be incredible!!!!

  • I`ll try to get 3 days-off to go to NYC and see you live again. I hope my boss let me to be out of office for 3 days on july.

    But I`d prefere if it were only a DG concert. I don`t know much about Tiffany. To tell the truth, I`d like to see a “Pop goes to Broadway” live concert.

    Thank you so much!

  • Yvonne Vasquez on

    OMG!!!! PLEASE come to Houston, TX!!!! PLEASE!!!! This will be the concert of the decade!!!!!

    love you both!!!!!


  • me and my site we love you!
    myitalodisco team,
    now, as then!

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