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Hey everyone!

SO – I am dying over the Mega Shark trailer! How much fun?!? I don’t think I will be receiving an Oscar for this one but, the Shark will take one home for sure : ) Though, he will have some stiff competition from the Octopus. Will they hafta give him 8 statues if he wins?

I’m also amused by the whole Twitter/DWTS thing! I feel like I live in the year 2009……that is until I forget that there is nothing sacred in the world so long as there is Internet!

I actually am totally zen with everything that happens in my career and often laugh and shrug when asked about DWTS cuz I’m such a “if it’s meant to be…..” person. I remember deciding to do the skating show knowing full well I risked being banished from the Dancing kingdom. I did choose to skate because it was not something that gets presented everyday……an opportunity to learn from an Olympic athlete (?!?). I still am in awe over the fact that I got to do that in my lifetime. There are no “ratings” that can place any value on that. The value of that is my own and ranks among one of my favorite adventures!

I resigned myself long ago to the fact that I will most likely not be on DWTS. I have visited the set and have many friends that work on the creative team that always rally for me to be on but, if it is meant to be – yes, it would be fun. If not, my life is filled with so much performing and dancing anyway so I am not missing out! I always root for the contestants who have never danced because they are getting that once in a lifetime moment.

So, to hear about (I don’t actually read gossip about myself. That gives it power!) people spinning my random tweets into gossip (and, they are random – clearly I don’t overthink them! Lol!) makes me shake my head and wonder “didn’t anything way more important happen today in the world that wouldve upstaged my lil’ tweet about a reality show?!?”. Funny! And, fun actually! I mean, why not?!?

Let’s see – Fashion Police, online gossip, and a sci-fi movie….. This reeks of a comeback, no? The tearing ya down comes rrrrright before the building you back up! I’m only half kidding…… Speaking of which…

I’m finishing recording some more music this week. I’m so ridiculously excited and I’m feeling so empowered right now musically, emotionally, physically, spiritually……..whatta great place to be!

And, EY is holding more camp auditions this weekend. Kids from around the country and around the world are coming. It is incredible! Even a girl from Chile! And, yes – I saw the requests to perform there. I’d looove that!

Tiffany is going to drop by also to share in the fun and support the young talent! We were all those kids once with that dream that needed nurturing so it is so cool of her to come by!

I’m also gearing up for R.I., Chicago, and Denver gay prides! I’m going all out and bringing some of my boys from my Harrah’s show to sing n dance for y’all! June has become one of my fave months for the very reason that it’s time to celebrate who you are! Gay or straight, I hope to see you all there celebrating! To me, Pridefest is a celebration of our diversity, as well as our oneness. It’s always deeply moving as well as fun fun fun for me to headline these festivities and, once again – I am honored!

I hope everyone out there is well and happy and healthy!

And……watch out for 500 ft sea creatures…..they will strike when you least expect it!

Much Love,



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