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Hey everyone!

Just finished our second ever “Recording Bootcamp”! My co-producers, musicians, and I all had the best time ever. It is so strange that I don’t have kids of my own, yet I get to hear a mom say “you changed my daughters life”. If I really went there I’d be sobbing in a heap on the floor! It’s amazing cuz I don’t feel like I’m “doing” anything. I’m just a conduit that allows these kids to fulfill their dreams. I’m so proud of the quality of their new records and this is no kiddie music – Maroon 5, Gwen Stefani, and Miley and other hit artists would kill for these songs! I wrote “Only in My Dreams” at 13 so, why not?!?

Also – this morning I stopped by “Girl Prep’ en route to the studio. My pal Christopher Recupito Rossi called me to drop in to visit with what looked like thousands of inner city young girls for an empowerment conference. I ended up doing an acapella “Only in My Dreams” and talking to the girls about my journey from the garage in Merrick, Long Island to concert venues around the world. It’s fun to tell a true story that may inspire others.

I’m sooo proud of Bob and thankful for all his work on the site. When does he sleep? For those who have yet to meet him – I hope you get the pleasure. Let’s build up this site to the point where we can do a fans only weekend and concert!

How funny are those Tiffany boxing pix? I laugh at that “rival” thing. I’m not a fan of any two artists being put in the same category. We are all individuals even with the common thread of age. She is a sweet compassionate woman, a great mom, and a heck of a powerful singer and I have the utmost respect and always have and always wish her well on her path! No reality show producers better see that boxing pic and get any ideas!!!! No celeb boxing for me : ) Those are antique boxing gloves I found in my travels with “Joseph…..”. What a memory of amazing times with my adopted Osmond brothers! I fell out when Nate sent these!

Oh, hey – more merch coming soon! And, tix selling fast for benefit and it’s a small venue……

My buddy John Lloyd Young from Jersey Boys is on board and we have some musical surprises planned, Tim Rice – Lyricist of “Joseph…..”, “Evita”, etc, just sent 2 autographed autobiographies for our auction……kids are flying in from everywhere to perform……momentum is building! Can’t wait!

I’m almost done with the toughest part of my eating plan. Down to my Harrah’s body! I spent 6 months going “ok, I worked hard for my abs and they’re under there somewhere!” This program really put a spotlight on my sugar addiction! WOW! I embrace my body at every size, I just felt like goin’ for the diva thing so I can wear the most fab costumes possible for the Quebec concert!

Hope you enjoy the new heading pic on the site……Ray Garcia took that casually in a hotel as I was getting ready for Gay Pride in Atlanta! Fun!

Ok – I think that’s all for now!

More to come……..MUCH more! Xo Deb


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