Blog: Greetings From Japan

Hey everyone!

Greetings from Japan!

The out pouring of love here has been incredible!

To respond to those of you wanting more dates in the states.


So you know how it works….promoters need to get on board for a “tour” or it’s not worth it to them. Usually acts tour ON a record. That is coming!

I do think, however, the Billboard Live venues would be perfect for me even without a record out. So, start a campaign!!! If you get it goin’….I’m SO there!

But, back to Japan…. In Osaka now and do my final two shows tonight then onto the RSVP Gay Cruise!

And – if you wanna laugh….I gave my pink fedora away on the last trip and found another I liked this morning here in Osaka! I almost got it then thought – ummmm Deb? Did that look already….so, I got it in gray! I’m sure it’ll make an appearance tonight onstage!

You can take the pink fedora away from the girl….but u can’t stop the girl from lovin’ hats! Huh?!?

Love u guys!!!

Thanx for aaaalllll the ongoing DG love all over the world and throughout time.

24 yrs in….still doin’ what I love….thanx to YOU!

X Deb


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