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Hi everyone!

Whew! I know it’s been a while! “Real life” stuff ever swallow you up for a while? Well, I’m not immune to it! Been just dealing with life/logistical things this past month! But, all is well! One thing I’ve been doing is streeeeamlining!

On the “artist” side, that includes getting all of my master tapes from my albums, vhs tapes (yes! I said vhs!), etc, etc – in order so that I can actually put them all to use and maybe make a fab documentary or create ways for you all to do your own remixes of my songs, etc….. Lotsa fun ideas! It may take a little while to fully execute but, I’m gettin’ there!

Also, there are things in the works involving TV and my new music. That’s all I’ll say for now!

Also, this Murad campaign will launch this Fall! I don’t say this just cuz I am a part of their family now….. They’re products are amaaaazing! I cannot get behind anything I don’t fully believe in!

I hope you’re all having a fab summer!

Mine has been one of new self discovery – Body, Mind, and Soul – to quote someone I know : )

And, just took a listen to some of my old songs yesterday randomly…… Re-fell in love with “Little Birdie” and “Down That Road” !

And, as I Tweeted the other day, I re-discovered Tiffany’s “Hold an Old Friend’s Hand” and Conway Twitty’s “The Rose”! Wow!

Ohmigod! Almost 4got….. I will be singing with the FABULOUS Deana Carter at the What A Pair benefit September 26th! Love her and this organization…….can’t wait!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Mine will be the beginning of my birthday celebration : )

Woo hoo! 39! Huh?!?

Lotsa love to all!

X Deb


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