Blog: Hi!

Hey everyone! Looove the comments about “Already Gone” and appreciate the candor. I actually agree about the high chorus’s. In fact, my sister Michele used to say that about “Who Loves Ya Baby?”. She used to say “why do you have to sing so hiiiigh?”. It’s a weird thing because songs like to live in certain keys. They just sound best in certain keys. Then, I aim to meet the challenge. Yes – my voice thins out a bit on top and the newer tunes I just completed for the next album are indeed a bit lower – or, if they are high, the vocal is meatier. There are personal changes happening within me left and right and, lemme tell ya – I think I just did one of my raw-est vocals. I sang with total abandon and I’m so proud. Can’t wait for you to hear…… So, I’m learning and growing and appreciate the comments because when lots of people concur usually there is something to it!

I also was thinking about the next “pop” album being under the “pop” brand name of “Debbie”. I think it confuses overseas fans to say “Deborah” and may confuse everyone if I go back to “Debbie” but, my position on that would be “Deborah” serves me for artsier records and theater and this gal wants hits and the hitmaker is “Debbie”. I was even thinking about writing a toungue in cheek song about it, like “What’s in a Name?” Or, “Deborah, Debbie, Whatever!!!!”. Sometimes people say “Debbie…..oh, I mean Deborah” and I reply “yeah, both of us are here!” Ha! Lemme know your thoughts on the name!

And, keep the comments comin’…… Can’t wait ’til y’all see the video! Oh, and – one last thing……. There is a certain country music themed TV show (no one mention it by name! Keep it on the down low!) that mayyyy have expressed interest. Thoughts on that too? Since so many of you mentioned the country sound….. Ok – that’s all for now! Hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

And, to Cambell –

Yes! “Win lose or draw” was awesome! And, Grease still lives in my heart and will 4ever. Even funnier was “Run the Risk” where I was dressed in some sort of wolf costume crossing a pond of green slime! That’s what I love about my fellow theater peeps – we don’t take ourselves too seriously : )


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