Looking back and moving forward… notes from Deborah

Looking back on the highlights of 2008!

Atlantis Cruises – I always love entertaining the gay community and Atlantis is top notch! I want to hit the high seas again sooooon!

Harrahs, Atlantic City – This was truly a career high point for me and gave me a taste of what I’d like to be doing long term – my one woman show which combines my Pop and Broadway highlights!

Electric Youth – summer camp, songwriting intensives, recording bootcamp, and winter camp! – WOW – I never wouldve guessed that I wouldve spent a pretty good part of the year mentoring! It was amazing, exhausting, and is definitely a calling I will continue to follow!

Rita Rocks! – I love sitcoms so much….I hope to be back on Rita (write on their message boards if you want the return of Cindy!) and I reeeally would love my own show! The creators Jim and Stan and the cast were amazing!

The King and I – I never would have seen myself in this role! I’m usually the “brassy belter”!!! I proved to myself I’m capable of being still and strong and understated onstage which was a big surprise! I loved doing this show so so much!

The Flunky – Jimmy Van Patten and I finally got The Flunky out of the guesthouse and onto the mainstage to present for investors! Wow – it was so well received and moving forward! Jimmy’s a genius and the show is really special!

And now – it’s 2009 and I’m

A) Hitting the studio to record a few new trax and also to record the end credits song for a documentary

B) Working on a campy sci-fi film called “Mega Shark”! I’m a girl in a man’s world who saves the planet from impending doom!

C) Prepping for Electric Youth Summer Camp

D) Getting ready to do a concert in Canada for the 1st time in many years!

E) A brand new website for me to stay better connected to you!

And – who knows what’s next?!? Stay tuned to find out!


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