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Hey everyone!

SO – did you watch the Grammy’s? I was glued to them this year as I felt the caliber of talent was at an all time high! And – the ladies ruuuled!

In particular, Lady Gaga. Do we all remember when we first heard that song….and, that name? She could have easily been a throw away dance artist – all style and no substance. But, I applaud her for creating a bigger than life persona AND having the goods to back it up! That takes talent, guts, and – beyond “belief” but, “knowing” that she would connect with the public in a huge way.

And – who could have gone piano to piano with her but Elton? LOVE IT!!! I mean, I am sure his Donald Duck costume served as inspiration for Gaga’s outlandish getups!

And – PINK?!? Come ON!!!! I love that she didn’t box herself into the “rock chick” thing and did a combo of gymnastics, Cirque, theater, rock….WOW!

And…..BEYONCE!!! Ummm….woweeeee. That performance WAS the 2nd coming of Tina Turner for sure! And, her humility is astounding. if I sang like that I would be walking around with an ego the size of Manhattan! I am kidding…. In fact, I find – the more you are at the height of your game as a performer, the more you are”channeling” and therefor the less control you feel you have over performances which is incredibly humbling. She has no need to “cover” with ego or attitude because her talent and ability and clearly years of devotion to her craft speaks for itself.

OK – I must admit – when the Zack Brown Band (Did I spell that right?!? Or, is it “Zk”?) I was one t0 say – “huh? chicken fry guys?” THEN – they performed. And – I finally HEARD the song. What a clever way to make DEPTH accessible to all. To be writing about war and liberty and freedom….the freedom to crank music eat some fried food and experience love, etc… clever! And, they sang and played the heck out of that song! When and where are they playing? I wanna go!

My other fave performance was Dave Matthews. It is no wonder he is an artist fave, fan fave, critics fave…..He just lives and breathes the music. And, all the adding on of musicians and bells and whistles never took away from the tightness and cohesiveness of the performance which could have easily happened.

I was happy for Taylor Swift for selfish reasons. Back in the day, young artists were so blatantly overlooked that it is nice to see them having their day and being considered part of the musical landscape. I won ASCAP songwriter of the year award but, was never acknowledged for my writing at the major awards shows. They were just too snobby to admit that a hit record was a hit record despite the fact that it wasn’t written by a 40 something year old man! So – I am sure that snobs and critics will have what to say about Taylor because they are bitter and she is innocent and naive and carefree! People want the “I suffered for my art” story and, I am here to tell ya….to be handling all she is handling so eloquently and effortlessly at her age is amazing.

AND – the tribute to MJ? WOW! Every singer in that tribute delivered their lines with passion that – I am sure – made Michael proud. What a well thought out group.

Oh – almost forgot Mary J and Andrea….again – a really stunning pairing. Very different in style, but equal in caliber. Really cool!

That is all for now!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did!



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