Official Statement from Deb’s Management

“In response to the recent rumors and speculation regarding Deborah Gibson selling her Hollywood Hills home, Ms. Gibson has made the decision to sell for both business and personal reasons. She currently splits her time between two homes and will now be making her primary residence with her boyfriend. The market is such that investments in homes purchased several years ago are not paying out as expected. That, coupled with losses in the stock market, has forced many entertainers to scale back.”


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  • Great to hear that they’re living together. Now that the rumor is laid to rest.

  • Congrats on taking the relationship to the next level, Deb! You make a beautiful couple.

  • Interesting? But thanks for removing my original posting and placing this one up.

  • See, this is why I wish people would ACTUALLY THINK when they read gossip pages. Gossip page says, “oooh, she’s lost heaps of money on the property”, sensible thinking person says, “yes, so has EVERYONE who bought in 2005.”

    Please people, use your brains if you’re going to read those trash pages.

    On the other hand, very happy for Deb that she’s moving in with her boyfriend. Yay Deb!

  • Whatever the reason, I think that we can all agree that we wish Deborah all the best in love and life!

  • Whatever the story is, the realtor that took the photos of the house needs to be FIRED!

    Deb’s fans know its no secret that she would rather spend her time being, well, creative, rather than neat, but its another thing to showcase her private home in such unflattering photos.

  • OK – I live in the UK & for the life of me do not understand why Deb selling her house is a story that deems a statement from her management. She does have a private life. And by reading the statement I take that she has a stable relationship (though I admit I dont know whom with) and I am happy for her if she feels that it is a relationship worth developing by sharing a home. Believe me I know it’s a big step!!
    I wish Deb and the lucky guy all the luck in the world.
    Surely her happiness is all that matters isnt it??

  • Michael,
    It’s because the gossip pages were saying she’s selling because she’s defaulted on the mortgage, and also linked to photos of the house that were pretty unflattering. So they are responding to the rumours that she’s bankrupt (which is not the same as defaulting on a mortgage, but to the gossipmongerers it is.)

  • Hi friends.
    It’s always great to move at a new house to live and it’s better if you can share it with the person who you love.
    Congrat, looks all is going well.

  • Jordi, Please do not show up at Deborah and Dr. Taylor’s house!!!

  • Hey Matthew, don’t worry. I won’t do it again, ou can be sure.

  • I saw the pics and this nonsense “article” on the web the day before her management posted the statement. I agree that the realtor’s lack of integrity only reflects negatively on him/her. Same with the tabloids that feel the need to intrude on another human being’s life for the prospect of a dollar or two. So the house was a little disorganized…. I don’t know anyone who lives in a museum. Next thing you know, they’ll be talking about how she eats with her hands sometimes or doesn’t always remember to floss. Come on! Why do people have higher expectations of celebrities than they have for themselves???

    Anyway, whatever Deborah chooses to do with her home, in her love life or with her money is no reflection of her talent or personal integrity. Her diplomacy when people try to pull her down to their level; her living well in spite a few miserable and bored individuals, is.

  • Deborah,

    I just want to tell you that I have enjoyed your music for a very long time, I have met you twice in my lifetime and you really do seem like a sweetheart. Please know that God is there for you always. He understands what you go through day by day. And HE cares for you alot more than you might realize. I know you must get compliments left and right from fans on your music, your life, etc. However…Don’t ever forget that God gave you your talent! Put your love and trust in God, and you just see how He will change your life even more for the better! There is NOTHING in this world that can compare with the love of Jesus! Deborah, you are in my prayers, because celebrities need prayers as well whether they know it or not. And I pray that God touches your heart, and helps you to realize the love He has for you, and how He has blessings in store for you that you couldn’t even fathom! Give God a chance. The most important decision anyone in this world will ever make is whether they decide to follow the one true God in heaven and accept Him into their heart, by cconfessing out loud your sins, and repenting (turning completely away from them). This world is under the impression that if we do good in our lives (do good deeds, that alone will get us into heaven. It tells us right in Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”
    Our God is good. He wants to bless you richly Deborah, and maybe you feel like He has already blessed you. Well….He has. He has blessed you with a beauty and a beautiful voice, however God wants us to use our talents for His praise, not our own! I wish you always the best Deborah, God does have His eye on you, and He’s just saying “Come Home, Deborah. Give me Your concerns, cares, anxieties, praise in which no one could deserve except for HIM! I pray that you will find Him.

  • Must exit site……I could have sworn I just walked in on a bad church sermon. I’m sure Deborah isn’t going to burn in hell for moving in with her boyfriend. She’s a big girl and personally I say ” IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN TIME”!!!!!!

    Pushing ones beliefs about God onto other people is totally not cool. Reminds me of those annoying people that come to your door and try to push their religion on you.

  • Deborah and to anyone who may have taken offense to my previous post. Deborah, in NO WAY was I attempting to pass judgement on you for anything. I am in no position to do that, and I wouldn’t. I am a born again Christian and proud of it! I was not trying to sell you anything as far as a religion. A religion has absolutely nothing to do with it. You either have a personal intimate relationship with God, and accept HIM for what He did for you, or you reject HIM. I have a deep concern for people, and people have a right to know that God loves them. As Christians we should be letting people know this. I will never apologize for my faith. I apologize to Deborah if it was taken the wrong way. It simply wasn’t meant that way, that’s all. May God bless you all.

  • Deb I am glad you stated in her video ,you found GOD and always loved GOD.

  • its nice that you would go on with your love life… i’m proud to be the child of 80’s and deb is a part of it!

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