Blog: Remembering Michael Jackson

I met Michael and he told me he had just watched a Disney special I did. I was blown away by the thought of THE Michael Jackson sitting there watching me on TV. He then invited me to be in his “Liberian Girl” video. I actually was one of the few who got to sing a little snippet live over his vocal. To say it was an honor is an understatement. At 14, I had the red jacket and glove. I was a huge fan. He was a sweet person and lived up to everything you wanted him to be when you met him. He had a receiving line an hour long before his concert at the Forum. To personally meet so many people and then put into his show the energy he put in was astounding. I don’t think it’s about the time someone is on earth but the impact they leave. He did more for humanity and for music in 50 years than anyone could. It’s a shock and I’m most saddened by the fact that a) I believe there was more music in him and b) he leaves behind three young children. Everyone feels this immeasurable loss. He was an American treasure.


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