Rise In Contention for Best Original Song

Debbie screened a film last year that immediately captivated her and she knew she wanted to be involved. She scored and wrote/performed the end title credit song “Rise” for 3 BILLION AND COUNTING, a documentary film directed and produced by Dr. D Rutledge Taylor. The film lays bare the devastating effects of the 1972 EPA ban of DDT on the 3rd World. Dr. Rutledge traveled all over Africa, India, and South East Asia filming the documentary.

Dr. Rutledge asked Debbie to come up with a song idea which eventually became a collaborative labor of love. “After seeing a rough cut of the film it resonated with me deeply” says Debbie.

What’s immediately impressive about the track is how worldly it is… “Lion King” meets “We Are The world” – a soulful departure for the “pop princess”. The song is very compelling and touches ones heart on a deep level.

This true labor of love has received rave reviews from not only the film community, but various political organizations. Even shock-jock Howard Stern, who experienced some bed bugs problems of his own (possibly owing to the DDT-ban), spoke to Dr. Rutledge on his Sirius/XM Satellite show via phone.

RISE stands out as a song with global impact on the short list of contenders for Best Original Song at this year’s Oscars (to be announced on January 25). “It’s always been a dream of mine to touch people through the medium of film. I hope this song and film move people to action to end this ongoing needless suffering” says Debbie who is working on a new record slated for release later this year.

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