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Ben Griffin writes: new site is amazing– the image link of deb through the years is GREAT for anyone who hast seen it please check it out !!!

Ben, I just want to say thank you to you and all of the other kind people who are appreciating the new site. I have long felt Deb was over due for a great interactive web presence to reconnect with all of her fans. She is one of the few artists who has maintained her integrity from day one and has never gone the route of gimmicks or reality shows to chase the spotlight. Instead, she has relied on her talent and her fan base and I am proud to be the person currently facilitating that connection.

She and I had a great meeting on Thursday and are getting together again soon to create some cool new merchandise and ways to distribute some exclusive new music as well as a brand new music video. I really believe that if we can create a fan swelling and Deborah continues to stick to her guns, we are all going to play a part in the positive rediscovery of her talents and music to the fans of yesterday and the youth today who have yet to discover her.

For all of you who have never waned or gone too far, she is excited to get some new stuff for you guys first and foremost, which I think is really cool. So keep coming back. Sign up for all of the official sites to the right so you can stay up to date. Tell your friends. Promote your Myspace and Facebook pages with the player widgets. Sign up for the street team on Reverb Nation if you want to help us promote her new music when the time comes. The next few months should be an exciting time for us all and I am honored to be on the journey and thankful that you guys are liking what you see. I have added a new page (if you look up at the top) that says Site. On that page, feel free to leave comments directly related to the site and what you would like to see more of and I will continue to do my best to bring it to you.

Happy Saturday!



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