The Daily Mail Covers the Svedka Event!

I LOVE when I get critiqued for how I dress. I felt fab onstage and in the Pop Music world, any fashion press is great! Would they have put anything up at all had I warn a safe sophisticated black dress? I think not! I love women like Cher and Tina Turner. And had Tina ever listened to the so called “fashion experts” we’d never see those AMAZING legs in timeless denim and leather mini skirts and THAT would be a true fashion crime! Thank you Daily Mail for what I consider an awesome write up. And oh….ummm….it was a retro party so those slashes in the dress? 80s rocker. And ….I had a blast wearing it so WHY NOT?!? May you all have a wonderful weekend….and when it comes to fashion, don’t make it a risk free one and raise a Svedka Vodka Espresso Martini to my Lil’ Blue Mall Dress!

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