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I opened up my laptop and Deb read your comments directly from the site. Unfortunately, she skipped around and didn’t get to all of them (it looks like she skipped over some of the longer questions). Below I have listed the questions that she seems to have answered in the video. Hopefully we can make this a more regular thing, so if your questions didn’t get answered this time, be on the look out for the next “Ask Deb” blog post where you’ll be able to ask again! – Bob

Your Questions:

Sock Puppet Says:

What does Deb think about archival footage on YouTube and what current artist she probably would like to work with (ie duet or writing/producing a song for the particular artist).

Michael Harker Says:

Are you ever coming 2 London again,2 either tour or do another West End show? What about a new album? Colored Lights was fantastic! Michael

Jason Smith Says:

Deborah I’ve read that you dealt with anxiety/panic attacks, how did you finally conquer them? Any advice would be appreciated.

Matt Says:

Deb, have you seen the Chula Vista Show Choir performance of Electric Youth on youtube yet?! How amazing, right?
And please tell me you are watching and loving GLEE!!!

jun♪ from Japan Says:

Hello Deb!

Are you ever coming 2 London again,2 either tour or do another West End show?

Japan too,please!

I think many fans are waiting for you!

Marc Says:


Is Bob or any of your fans going to appear in any episodes of the reality show?

And are you going to try getting into more sci-fi stuff?

christyz Says:

A few years ago I had a music video of EY I think but I since misplaced it. On it was a song that you did with one of your Dancers called love under my pillow. My question is are you or have you recorded this song and who was the dancer.
I relate to this song when I am sea (sailior) because it reminds me of home when things are tough.

ghettosushi Says:

Keith Stewart was the backup dancer who sang “Love Under My Pillow” with Deborah onstage during her Electric Youth World Tour, as captured on video. To my knowledge, Deborah has not announced that she has recorded this song, and it is only available on the video.




Amanda Says:


Kind of a silly question but my mind went blank LOL
So here goes….
Do you still own the leather patch flag jacket from your Electric youth
tour? The one seen on your Around the world Vhs?
It is so cool after all 🙂 An you rock it!

P.s – My fav song to listen to at the moment is “Broken Record Machine”

Rachel Says:
OMG, Amanda thanks for reminding me on the Broken Record Machine. Makes me want to blast Memory Lane Volume 2.

Betsy S. Says:

I’ve always wondered….

Billy Joel released an album of “classical” instrumental music that he composed- really lovely music!

Have you ever personally recorded any instrumental pieces and would you consider releasing an instrumental album???

Matt Says:

Time for another question!
Deb, we’re all excited to hear new music, but look back at theater for a second. Is there any role you haven’t checked off on your “dream list” yet?

DebLover Says:

What kind of feel will the new CD have?

The bear jew Says:

Hello Deb i love you, when are you coming to chicago again?

Lori Says:

Hey Deb–
I was wondering if there will ever be a DVD collection of all your videos and possibly/hopefully DVD’s of the 2 concerts that were put on VHS. My VHS’s are getting worn out and I need to upgrade soon–lol

Rachel Says:

Lori, this is a good question. Yea, Deb please convert all your concerts to DVD. Thanks.

Plebes Says:

Deb, great interview with Bob! Can you describe some of the styles or sounds that you’ve playing around with in the studio for your next album?….have you cut any tracks that you think will make it on the next album? If so can you tell us a little about them?

Steve Says:

Hey Deb, you’re the best.

I noticed that at least for the several years you usually ditch your shoes and perform barefoot. I think this is wonderfully laid back and cool, and wondered if there was a particular reason you started doing it, or if you’re just a barefoot sort of gal in general.

Darren Says:
Hi Deborah

In 1989 pet shop boy’s produce, LIzA MinnElli ( RESULTS cd) Have you thought of maken an cd or putting tracks on your new cd, theatre sounds with a hight NRG dance feel to it? The the Big theatre voice with great dancebeats, Darren uk

Isabelle Says:

Hi Deborah
I’m from Montreal, Canada and I’m a big fan of you since 20 years. Here’s my question :I would like to know what songs you wrote are you the most proud of ? Personnally, I love it all. I wish to see you in concert soon in Montreal and have the chance to meet you. It’s one of my biggest dream. I also wonder when we will be able to hear your new album?
Take care and have a nice day!

Patrick Lee Says:

Hey Deborah (and Bob),

I am now a singer/songwriter in my own right – how are you? I played Canada this year also, at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto this past Nov! Got the chance to meet Steven Page (formerly of Barenaked Ladies) and we’d still cover “If I Had $1000000″ – in the “Kraft Dinner” line can we now say “we wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner – we wouldn’t ’cause Deborah’s making us eat more BK steakhouse burgers with the A1s on top! Mmmmm” (hopefully this will make them stop pelting boxes of mac & cheese at us!)

I’ll be doing a show in Long Island (your old backyard) at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale, NY on Dec 28 – can you swing by? The tix are not on sale via Ticketmaster or yet, but I’d let you in for free, and possibly even join me on stage…

-Patrick Lee

P.S. – Saw Ed Ryan last week, remember him as the Underdogs frontman?

Travis Says:

Is there any chance of you performing Anything is Possible, Another Brick Falls, or Reverse Psychology anytime soon? AIP is my favorite Deb-record, and it never really got its moment in the sun.


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