Blog: Greetings from Singapore

Hey everyone!

Greetings from Singapore!

Only here 24 hours and already having an amazing time!

I was a guest judge on OMG (One Moment of Glory!) which is much like America’s Got Talent!

My fave act was a singer/guitarist named Jill who had an authenticity and simplicity that made her truly stand out.

Earlier in the day I did tons of press including Class 95 FM. The DJ’s were fab as were the judges on OMG

SO excited for the show ….can’t wait!

David Andrew’s Rogers, my musical director, took these pix last night….One is of Johny doing my hair and makeup (a miracle worker he is after that loooong flight!). The next is with OMG judge and lass FM personality The Flying Dutchman, and the last with a fan who has had that poster since ’88! WOW!

Gonna workout, explore the city, do some vocalizing today, and get ready for tomorrow’ rehearsal! Woo hoo!

See you all three!





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