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Hey everyone!

So, here are some pix from the No on 8 march that took place in W Hollywood last night! At first I was afraid of going because of the decision that came down yesterday not lifting the ban on same sex marraiges. But, Bob, Pauly, and myself decided to add our voices to the cause and we were glad we did.

It is pretty unreal that in 2009 it is an issue still. When you see the leaders of our area also outraged, and all of the people both gay and straight taking to the streets, at least the gay community knows that someone cares. That’s why I was there. To say – OK, so – our government is stuck in a time warp but, at least your neighbors want you to have all your hearts’ desires.

One man spoke and said that it wasn’t his goal to show the world that his family was different and make a spectacle of being gay. On the contrary – he wants to quietly go about his business and devote himself to his family…..

…..And, no one has the right to dictate what makes a family. Last time I checked, it was love.

Enjoy the pix and have a great day : )



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