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Deb asked for the blog written by her publicist to be shared today about our adventure:

Today started as any other day…responding to e-mails…except I was doing it from Deborah’s guest room. A couple of e-mails were from Deb, which was amusing since she was in the house. When we realized we were both up, we got ready to hit the streets.

At one of our first spots, we pulled into a business driveway and a group of immigrant workers started running toward us. Within seconds, we were surrounded. We didn’t have any work for them, but Deb immediately felt for these men. Before we walked in to the business, she turned to me and said “I am going to give those guys some money.” She grabbed her cash, got out of the car and personally gave each man $20. They were so appreciative…Deb was teary-eyed. When we got back in the car to drive to our next destination, a couple more immigrant workers came running toward the car. Deb realized they were not in the original group so she rolled down her window and gave them each $20.

Now you may be thinking why does Deb carry that much cash? Well she had lost her purse at the Chicago Pride Fest during the weekend so her cards had been cancelled and she was hanging on to the cash from her merch sales from the Denver Pride Fest and Chicago Pride Fest. Luckily the purse was found and returned today.

We should all take note and pay it forward. Do your part to help those less fortunate. If you would like to help kids wanting to attend a performing arts camp, check out the Gibson Girl Foundation.


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