Blog: Updates and photos from Utah

Hey everyone!

So, I was keeping it under wraps til I shot it but, I just finished doing a spot for a high profile fast food chain!

A pic will follow soon that will reveal my co-stars : )

It was kitschy and tongue in cheek and directed by one of my fave music video directors!

And….my trip to Utah to do the Princess Festival was made brighter by meeting some of the actual girls who benefit from In Our Own Quiet Way’s work to provide funding and supplies to people in impoverished nations, namely Kenya. The smiles on their faces were priceless.

Networks, the producers of the Cinderella tour, had my original gown flown in for me to wear and I can’t thank Justin and the gang enough to going through all that trouble to dig it out! I felt like a true princess : )

I also had a blast co-hosting Good Morning Utah! Those girls rock!

I’m catching the red-eye to NYC and rehearsing with my singer/dancers for my upcoming Pride performances, doing meetings about my new music, then heading to Rhode Island for the first of the Pride shows!

Glad (most of) you like the new tee shirt! It reflects my feelings on Prop 8 being an issue in a fun and carefree way. I wanted to make a statement and do a takeoff on the anti-fur campaign.

I’m really excited to see you all soon at the shows!

Also, thanx to all who made the first ever GGF auction a huge success!

Have a great week! X Deb





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